While we would much prefer to meet you in person, please allow us to introduce you to our Mira Connect A/V control solution with some short videos below.  Mira Connect does more than ever!

For a safer return to office meeting spaces, don’t miss our new Mira Connect Me touchless A/V feature available to all Mira Connect users. See the video below!

What is Mira Connect?

What can Mira Connect do?

Introducing Mira Connect Me

Quickly, safely, and securely access the Mira Connect user interface from your own personal device. Read more…


Atlanta YMCA Leadership & Learning Center

List of Equipment you can control with Mira Connect here.

Mira Connect controls Zoom Rooms, too! Read more…

We’d be happy to show you how Mira Connect can make A/V control easier for you, whether you are an integrator or an end user.

Mira Connect Awards:

Mira Connect wins rAVe 2019 award

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