How does Mira Connect’s integration with Zoom Rooms differ from a traditional control system?


Mira Connect tightly integrates the Zoom user experience with control of all the other equipment in the room so the Zoom call controls and the room controls remain on a single control page, eliminating the need to switch between controlling the Zoom Rooms system and other equipment in the room.  Mira Connect makes the overall user experience seamless.

Mira Connect’s remote management and set-up makes it easier to manage installations and make changes remotely. Mira Connect and Mira Portal bring an enterprise-level solution to users without the associated cost or complexity to maintain it.

Mira Connect makes it easy to move a Mira Connect from one room to another by simply unpairing from one room and pairing to the next, allowing Mira Connect to be dynamically provisioned based on the room to which it is paired.

For an overview of how Mira Connect differs from a traditional control system, see our control system application note.

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