How does Mira Connect differ from the Zoom Rooms controller application?


Mira Connect is a full room control system. Key advantages of Mira Connect include:

  1. Mira Connect controls all the equipment in your room – displays, DSP audio devices, video switchers, and more.  With Mira Connect you only need one controller in the room.  This makes it easier for users to know how to use the room.
  2. Mira Connect extends the familiar Zoom user interface – users accustomed to Zoom’s software will be productive with Mira Connect immediately.
  3. Mira Connect provides secure remote access (via Mira Portal) for IT and support teams who aren’t in the room to help users.
  4. Mira Connect allows you to customize the look and feel of a Mira Connect screen to match the user’s branding – add a background image, logo, and change the sidebar colors.
  5. Mira Connect lets you preview the user interface before you purchase the system – see how easy it is for Mira Connect to integrate with the customer’s Zoom Rooms system and other AV equipment they may want to control.
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